Freaky Veggie Chips Welcome to a vegetable freak show with our Freaky Veggie Chips. Whether potato, carrot or yam, these weird guys would never have made it onto a supermarket shelf. Why not? Because they look overgrown, crooked and curvy.These guys just grew as nature intended. Eccentrics, nerds, oddballs, free spirits, Quasimodos... these tubers and [...]

Magnus Kraftkerne

Magnus Kraftkerne Magnus Nüsse sind der ideale Snack für zwischendurch – ob als Brain-Booster oder Pre-Workout-Snack. Doch die gängigen Nussverpackungen möchte man nicht in seiner stylischen Sporttasche haben und schon gar nicht auf Instagram posten. Unser Design hat Style - ist farbenfroh und richtig lecker. Und im Nussregal ein echter Hingucker. Bunt und lässig, wie [...]


Luca & Linus Olio D'Oliva Artigianale Luca & Linus, the small fine pasta factory from Naples in Italy, now also offers hand-picked olive oils. There are 2 flavours - a slightly fruity and an intensely fruity one. The oils both come from Campania, a region located in the southwest of Italy on the coast. With its capital [...]


Luca & Linus Pasta This design concept is dedicated to our two studio dogs Luca and Linus. Pug dogs crazy about fresh pasta. And we’re no less. Simple cardboard tubes as packaging with casually stylized pasta variants. Minimalistic and eye-catching. Buon appetito! CONCEPT Tibor+ SERVICES Package, Product, Branding YEAR 2017


Luca & Linus Pomodoro Luca & Linus, the small Italian food factory from Naples, now also offers delicious tomato specialities. From delicious tomato juice and the finest tomato paste to refined tomato sauces. Each product was lovingly handmade in small quantities. Further Italian delicacies are in progress. CONCEPT Tibor+ SERVICES Package, Product, Branding YEAR 2018

ROCC! Raw Organic Chocolate

Rocc! Raw Organic Chocolate Rocc! Raw Organic Chocolate. The first Raw chocolate that really rocks. Wild animals symbolize the power and origin of the cocoa. Each animal represents the percentage of the cocoa. Cardboard texture combined with beautiful metallic foils, hand lettering typeface and play on words with “Raw”, making the design unmistakable. Let’s Rock’n’Raw! [...]


WE Perfume Ever wish you can have a fragrance personalized for the differant moods in your life? What's your mood today? Do you feel childish, proud, or pretty? Well, does WE PERFUME have the fragrance for you. Bottled in beautiful glass squares, the jewel-like tones of the scents illuminate through, making the product pop out on [...]

Mr. Pithey

Mr Pithey Kaffeelimonade Wensley Pithey was a South African-born character actor who had a long stage and film career in England. Between 1961 and 1976, Mr. Pithey periodically appeared in German advertising as „der Tchibo Kaffee-Experte“, a coffee expert, the testimonial for Tchibo coffee company. He appeared in black suit and bowler. CLIENT Tchibo Coffee [...]


HÄNSEL & GRETEL, Duftkonzept "The German Coolness". A fragrance that is just as pure as the innocent linen made of fine cotton twine by Schiesser. Top quality and with national heritage. CONCEPT SOERENTIBOR Gbr SERVICES Product & Package, Visual Communication PHOTO Attila Erüstün


VOYAGES A concept for an own brand perfume. The basic pattern scheme is always the same – different interpretations and color ways create new looks that fit the specific fragrance journey. CLIENT SOERENTIBOR SERVICES Product & Package Design YEAR 2016